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Galke Wedding | DFW Destination Photographer

I have known this couple for quite a few years and have photographed many events for these two. I can’t tell you how excited I was to travel to New Orleans to photograph their wedding. This group was fun, festive, and ready to make the most of their special day. I would LOVE to follow you to your wedding wether its in DFW or if we need to travel some place amazing. BOOK ME FOR YOUR WEDDING!!!

Erin and David | DFW Wedding Photographer

When two of your best friends get married you are always compromised as a photographer. The desire to be neutral is strong but you can’t help but get attached even at the weddings where you barely know the bride and groom. I am lucky to have some photogenic friends that believe in my work. Here are a few favorites:

It’s A Secret Med Spa | DFW Event Photographer

A Secret Med Spa hosted a holiday party to showcase the amazing services it has to offer it’s clients. Give them a call to book your appointment. They handle their clients with the utmost discretion. If I took your picture, it can be found HERE. <—

Below are a couple favorites: