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Nathan and Drake | DFW Photographer

Families come in all shapes and sizes. The standard model that our great grandparents knew is no longer the norm. Today we have more freedom to share and love with a wide variety of options. I am thankful for all the people who have hired me who don’t have “normal” families, and I am glad I have had a chance to document and photograph each stage of their lives. Nathan is a single dad who’s love for his son is unmatched. I am grateful I had a chance to photograph this handsome duo…

Dyson Supersonic Lab | DFW Event Photographer

Dyson has created a state of the art new product that is going to change the way we see hair dryers. They put on a wonderful Saturday where you could come and experience the technology for yourself. The Dyson Supersonic is an amazing breakthrough and you have to see one for yourself. Here are a few pics from their event:

Niwa Japanese BBQ | Deep Ellum Texas

Jimmy Niwa has assembled a gem of a restaurant called Niwa Japanese BBW. They needed some headshots and photographs of its interior and exterior design and I was happy to oblige. This is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Deep Ellum and the food is nothing short of perfection. Enjoy a few favorites…

IIPL USA | DFW Commercial Photography

This construction company is literally paving the way to better roads. IIPL USA needed some photography to showcase their DFW presence and some headshots as well. It’s always a pleasure to be around hard working folks to capture their blood and sweat to make our driving experience much better. Below are a few favorites:

Amber | DFW Headshot Photographer

This wonderful woman needed some executive headshots for her business. I was happy to oblige…