About SKP

Stevan Koye [stev-uhn koi]

Photography has a way of transcending genre and allowing its audience to appreciate aspects of art without needing a trained eye to understand its beauty. Our connection to photography is deep, emotional, and our reaction to it dynamic. What I enjoy most about this art form is that a man can spend a lifetime trying to explain to others how much he loved them, or he can use a camera and show them in an instant what he’d never be able to fully articulate with words. The ability to travel this world and share with others the beautiful moments in time, is why the camera is my favorite tool to experience and foster the connections between people.

A recruiter by trade, a yogi by accident and a photographer by the grace of sincere and patient people.

The work on this site is because of the love and commitment from my mom who dealt with my relentless onslaught of doubt, and my best friends who have punched me in the face because I really needed it. I’m forever in debt to your commitment.